Welcome to our affiliate page.  We partner with real estate photographer and offer a 15% commission with an unheard of 180 day cookie duration.


How does it work?  

You direct people to our website using a unique link we provide you.  This can be done by emailing the agent a direct link, a banner with the link embedded, etc.  The most affected way we have found is to add the link on you photo delivery email when you complete a job and speak with your client about the benefits of Virtual Staging.  Nothing beats a good personal relationship and communication.  


How much does it pay?

15% of the gross sale.  Our average sale is $140 which comes out to $21 in commission.  It's not a huge amount, but you took the photos and deserve compensation.  


How long do you track it?

We track sales from traffic you direct to us for 180 days (industry standard is only 30).  So if the agent orders quickly or with 180, you get paid.  And yes, if they reorder while the tracking cookies are still active, you get paid again!  Most agents over and over.  


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Note: We do not accept affiliates within 25 miles of Tampa, FL as this would be a conflict of interest.