Things to do before you shoot!

October 23, 2018

Things to do before you shoot!

  • Declutter!!! A busy home does not photograph well.  Remove as much clutter as possible.  This includes: knick-knacks on the selves/mantel, photo frames on the bed stand, remote controls. etc.
  • Remove items that are too personal to appeal to the general public. Examples are: art work that may be offensive to some, the beat up quilt you’ve had since you were a kid, etc.
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs. It will make the photo shoot better and will show better when buyers come in.


  • Park the car a few houses down.
  • Hide trash cans and recycling bins.
  • Mow the lawn the day before and blow off the driveway
  • Remove everything else. Example: garden hoses, kids toys, movable basketball goal

Living Room and Family Rooms

  • De-Clutter!
  • Remove news papers and magazines or arrange them neatly.
  • Hide all remote controls
  • Hide cable as much a possible
  • Remove family photos. You may have the best looking family, but they don’t come with the house.


  • If it doesn’t belong, it has to go
  • Remove excessive appliances from the counter.
  • Some appliances like a high end coffee maker or knife set are usually fine to keep. Just keep in mind that if it looks cluttered, it has to go.
  • Remove everything from the refrigerator door. Magnets and notes will clutter the shot very quickly
  • Remove utility rugs so you can see a part of floor (if it’s a nice floor)

Dining Room

  • Tables are symmetrical, so make sure everything has been straightened.
  • Setting the table with your best dinnerware adds a nice touch
  • A proportional sized center piece looks good too.


  • Beds should be neatly made.
  • All clothing/shoes should be out of site.
  • Remove clutter from nightstands. Note: a book and glasses on the nightstand can add a nice touch.


  • Clear counter tops and remove all toiletries.
  • Toilet lids should be closed
  • Clean the mirrors

Pool and Backyard

  • The pool needs to be clean and free of leaves
  • Remove all pool floats/toys
  • Patio/pool furniture should be straightened.

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